Stakeholder workshop

During a workshop held in February 2009, health and social care decision makers were asked to identify appraisal criteria they would find most useful in assessing preventative interventions and to give a clear definition for each criterion. Attendees included Directors of Commissioning, Public Health and Social Services. These generated a long list of approximately 40 different types of information that decision makers considered important when making investment decisions. These were grouped thematically in the following ways:

  • Impact on outcomes (e.g. health, education).
  • Distribution of impact (e.g. impact on different age groups, genders).
  • Impact on access (e.g. convenience of access, waiting times).
  • Timing of outcome.
  • Directness of impact (e.g. impact on those targeted, impacts on others).
  • Proportion benefiting (e.g. incidence of health problem, prevalence of health problem).
  • Feasibility (e.g. time required to deliver, skills required to deliver).
  • Cost (e.g. cost to healthcare providers, future healthcare costs).

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