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Optimity Advisors, in collaboration with Imperial College London, Kings College London and Bazian Ltd, was commissioned by Health England to develop and apply a method for prioritising investments in preventative health and social care interventions. This project was undertaken in response to the recommendations of the White Paper 'Our health, our care, our say'.


H.E.L.P. provides information on the cost-effectiveness, impact on health inequalities, and reach of interventions to support the prioritisation of investments in preventative health care. It allows commissioners to access evidence on existing preventative health care interventions and to benchmark new interventions against existing care.

The prioritisation methodology:

  • Addresses commissioners information needs
  • Provides evidence on what works and what is cost effective in the prevention field
  • Supports better decisions in public health
  • Provides a practical tool to facilitate access to the evidence and to allow decision makers to benchmark interventions against one another
  • Supports public health commissioners in delivering long term health improvement
  • Supports World Class Commissioning

The approach

A Multi-criteria Decision Analysis was undertaken comprising the following steps:

Further information

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. If you would like to speak to Optimity Advisors about this project then please contact Andrew Beale, Head of Data Management Services:

e: Andrew.beale@optimityadvisors.com
t: +44 (0) 20 7553 4800


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