Identifying criteria

The process of identifying criteria against which to evaluate interventions comprised the following three steps:

  1. A review of previous prioritisation methods
  2. A stakeholder workshop
  3. A stakeholder survey

The outcome from this process was that the following criteria were used to evaluate interventions:

  1. Cost effectiveness: Cost per QALY gained, including the healthcare costs avoided and quality of life gains associated with the long-term health impact.
  2. Reach: The proportion of the total population eligible for the intervention.
  3. Inequality score: The ratio of the proportion of the most disadvantaged 20% of the population eligible for the intervention to the proportion of the whole population eligible for the intervention.
  4. Affordability: The budget required to fund the intervention if all eligible people received the intervention

Click here for description of the methods used to measure (LINK) and combine (LINK) these criteria.

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