Identifying interventions

The list of interventions included in the analysis was selected to be of interest to decision makers, as well as ensuring that data were available with which to evaluate the interventions. The following steps were undertaken to apply these criteria:

1. An initial long list of interventions was compiled from the following sources:

  • Interventions for which NICE had produced recommendations or was in the process of producing recommendations.
  • A range of local stakeholders were consulted in workshop. Attendees included Directors of Commissioning, Public Health and Social Services.
  • A range of national figures (such as national screening committees, Department of Health etc) were consulted by email or telephone interviews.

2. A short list was constructed by applying the following criteria:

  • The intervention should have been identified as being of interest during the stakeholders engagement.
  • The intervention should have been recommended by NICE.
  • The intervention should be of relevance to the following national priorities: obesity, alcohol, smoking, sexually transmitted disease, and mental health.

Exceptions to these rules were made in a number of cases. In particular, a number of mental health interventions would not have made it into the short-list, but were included, as these were considered of interest to both the health and social care fields. Furthermore, statins were included in the list, as these were considered a good benchmark of an intervention which was generally accepted as being of good value. The interventions included in the analysis are summarised below.

Interventions included in the analysis

Problem targetedIntervention(s)
Alcohol Brief interventions delivered in GP surgeries
Increase tax by 5%
National mass media campaigns
School based group education
Mental Health Assessment and support of caregivers
Screening to prevent depression in retirees
Obesity Brief GP interventions to promote physical activity
Cognitive behavioural therapy
National mass media campaigns
School based education
Smoking Brief interventions delivered in GP practices
Increase tax by 5%
National mass media campaigns
Nicotine replacement therapy
Statins Statins for primary prevention
STI School based education to increase condom use
Screening and treatment to reduce Chlamydia

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